How do I view the list event audit?

This article will show you how to view the Event Audit for a mapped List App.

1. Event Audit Overview

In order for all List App updates to be recorded in the reporting database, event handlers are automatically added to each mapped List App and any associated lists in the whole Site App. An event handler is a custom function that fires each time a specific event occurs. There is a different event handler for each of the possible actions: add, update or delete. Each of the List Apps in the site collection must have all three handlers attached in order for the live update process to succeed.

Although the handlers are automatically configured each time a mapping is created or edited, there may be circumstances in EPM Live where this configuration is lost. The Event Audit page shows any list where the event handlers are not properly attached.

Events that are recorded include:

  • Successful mapping changes and additions. This shows columns that were added or removed when mappings are edited.
  • Scheduled snapshots.
  • Refresh jobs.

On the List Mappings page an overview of each log status is shown for each list mapping. A green check indicates that there are no entries in the corresponding log.

2. Navigate to Reporting Settings

  1. Select the Settings Gear icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Under the Enterprise Reporting heading, select Reporting Settings.

3. Open the Event Audit

  1. Select a List App.
  2. On the contextual drop down menu, select Event Audit.

4. Event Audit Page

The event handlers are enabled on each mapped List App in each Site App in your Site Collection (whether one or multiple). If there are any that are not correctly activated, you will see them listed on this page. If all the event handlers are correctly activated, you will see the message, "All webs up to date."

If needed, select Activate to attempt to reattach all handlers for this List App. Editing a mapped List App will also update its handlers.



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