How do I set up my Site Collection for EPM Live Analytics?

This article explains how to set up your Site Collection for EPM Live Analytics.  New Site Collections are already configured with EPM Live Analytics.  The instructions in this article are applicable to customers who may have upgraded their Site Collection from an earlier version of EPM Live before the EPM Live Analytics feature was released.  

For online customers, EPM Live Analytics is available automatically. For on-premise customers, EPM Live Analytics must be installed on the server. Please contact your EPM Live Installation Specialist for assistance in installing EPM Live Analytics.  You can refer to the Installation Guide for the setup instructions.

1. Add the Advanced Reports Library to the Settings Menu

Add a link to the Settings menu that directs to the EPM Live Analytics Report Library page to Settings gear menu. Refer to the article for instructions how to add links to the Settings gear menu: click here.

  1. Title: Enter the title, such as Advanced Reports
  2. URL: Enter /_layouts/15/epmlive/reporting/izenda/manage.aspx
  3. Description: Enter a description, if desired
  4. More Info: Enter more info, if desired
  5. Category: Select 08) Enterprise Reporting
  6. When finished, click Save.

1.1. New Link on the Settings Menu

2. Add Reports to the Advanced Report Library

EPM Live has a number of pre-created EPM Live Analytics reports that you can add to your site collection. Refer to the article for instructions for how to add pre-created reports: click here.


3. Add the EPM Live Analytics Reports Link to the Navigation Menu

Add a new heading or navigation link that directs to the EPM Live  Analytics Reports page. Refer to the article for instructions how to add new links to the Navigation Menu: click here.

  1. Add the Web Address: sites/yoursitename/_layouts/epmlive/reporting/izenda/reporting.aspx (Be sure to replace "yoursitename" with your site URL/name).
  2. Enter the description (title): Advanced Reports.
  3. When finished, click OK.

3.1. New Link on the Navigation Menu

4. Add New Report Writer and Report Viewer Groups to Resource Pool

  1. Run the Setup Wizard. When the Setup Wizard runs, two new permission groups will be added to the Site Collection: Report Viewers and Report Writers.
  2. Run the Reporting Refresh. When Reporting Refresh runs, the two new permissions groups will be made available in the Resource Pool.
  3. Add the appropriate resources to the Report Writers and/or Report Viewers groups.

Report Writers can create new EPM Live Analytics reports. Typically, Report Viewers can view EPM Live Analytics reports. Each EPM Live Analytics report has report-level permissions, so Report Viewers may or may not be given access to certain reports.

Refer to the article for instructions how to run the Setup Wizard: click here.

Refer to the article for instructions how to run the Reporting Refresh: click here.



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