How do I run a list cleanup?

This article will show you how to cleanup the individual List App mappings. When a new List App mapping is established, the database table starts off empty; only subsequently added items are copied to the database. The Cleanup function will essentially synchronize the database table with the list by deleting any existing data and making a fresh copy of all existing list items. The Refresh Data function can be performed at any time. This is available to fix an issues of data being out of sync between the list and the Reporting DB.

1. Navigate to Reporting Settings

  1. Select the Settings Gear icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Under the Enterprise Reporting heading, select Reporting Settings.

2. Cleanup a List App

  1. Click the List App Name.
  2. On the contextual drop down menu, select Cleanup.

3. Cleanup in Queued State

The status will show as Queued.

4. Refresh Complete

Refresh your browser to see the Refresh column change from Queued to the "i" icon. This icon signifies that the List Cleanup was completed successfully.



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