How do I modify the EPM Live Settings Gear Menu?

This article will show you how to modify the Settings gear menu, if needed.  The custom Settings gear menu's content is managed in a hidden list called EPM Live Settings. This hidden list can be configured just like other List Apps in EPM Live.  If you need to make additional changes, such as updating the category field, adding fields, etc., you would navigate to the List Settings page and follow the same steps as in any other List App.

Note: This hidden list is also where the Settings in the Settings Gear Navigation Menu are managed.

1. Open the EPM Live Site Settings Page

Navigate to the hidden list by adding the following to your EPM Live Site URL: "/Lists/epm live settings" (with spaces).

For example, if your URL is, to navigate to the EPM Live Admin Page list, you would enter the following into your browser: live settings.

2. Open a Settings Item to Modify

Each Item listed on this page appears as a link on the Site Settings Administration Page.

  1. Expand the Category sections.
  2. Select an item to modify it.

3. View Item Details

If needed, select the Edit Item button on the View Ribbon Tab.

4. Edit the Settings Item

If desired, you may modify the following:

  1. Title: Modify the Title for this Settings Page Item.
  2. URL: Modify the URL/destination for this Item.
  3. Description: Update the description.  When a user hovers over the item in the Site Settings Page, the Description text appears.
  4. More Info: If needed, you may include additional details about this Item.
  5. Category: Select the category heading under which this Item will show.
  6. When finished, click the Save button.

5. Open the List Settings

On the List Ribbon Tab, select List Settings.

6. Edit the Category Field

Select the Category field to edit it.

7. Edit the Category Choices

If needed, update the category choices.  The Site Settings page shows the Settings grouped by category, in order as listed in the field settings.

8. Settings Gear Navigation Menu



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