How do I manually post costs?

This article explains how to manually post (push) data into a specific cost type. This article also explains how cost data is posted to a specific calendar, if there are more than one in your system.

1. Navigate to Cost Types

  1. Select the Settings Gear icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Under the Cost Management heading, select Cost Types.

2. Cost Types Menu Bar

  • If multiple calendars are in use, you may post costs from one calendar into another. Select the desired Cost Type and click Post Options.
  • To manually post Cost Type data to its primary calendar, select the desired Cost Type and click Post.

3. Manually Post a Cost Type

This is used for the Cost Types where the Cost Data is posted from another location. The posting needs to be run manually. The Cost Types where data is manually typed into the Cost Plan is posted automatically when the Cost Plan is Saved, and therefore, typically does not need to be posted manually.

For example, the Resource Plan Cost Type is populated from the Resource Planner. When the Resource Planner is saved, the data is automatically posted (pushed) to the Resource Plan Cost Type. However, if the Resource Plan Cost Type settings are changed, there may be a need to manually re-post the data. Or, if it's needed to have cost data post to a different calendar, you may select the destination calendar, and click post.

  1. Select the desired Cost Type.
  2. Click Post.
  3. In the pop up window, all calendars in the system will show. Click the desired calendar, and click Post.

3.1. Post Complete

The Cost Type will post immediately. A completion message will appear when done. When finished, click OK, then Close.

4. Post Options

Note: The typical use is that customers use only one calendar in EPM Live, and in those cases, the Post Options feature is not applicable. If there is only one calendar in use in the system, the Post Options window will be blank.

If there are more than one calendar available, then Post Options is an available feature. However, the feature is only applicable for certain types of Cost Types. The Post Options are only valid for certain Cost Types, such as Resource Plan, Timesheet Actuals, and Scheduled Work. This is because these are the Cost Types that are not manually editable, but rather their data is posted from elsewhere in the system.

  1. Select the desired Cost Type.
  2. Click Post Options.
  3. In the pop up window, all calendars in the system will show under Available Calendars (if more than one exists). Select the desired calendar that will be the destination calendar. Use the < and > button to select or remove the calendars.
  4. When finished, click OK.



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