How do I manage work hours schedules?

This lesson will show how to view and add Work Hours schedules for resources in your EPM Live Site App.  A resource's general availability is based on the selected Work Hours schedule.  Every resource has a Work Hours schedule associated.  You may set up different work hours schedules.  For example, you can have full time and part time schedules.  If you have multiple offices globally, you may have different schedules for each office.  

Note: The FTE (Full Time Equivalent) for resource planning is based on the default Work Hours schedule, in addition to the default Holidays schedule.

Navigate to the Site Settings Page

On the Settings Gear Menu, select Site Settings.

Open the Work Hours Page

Under the User Management section, click Work Hours.

Default Work Hours Schedule

The default Work Hours schedule is US Work Hours.  You can create a new schedule and also modify existing schedules.

Create a New Work Hours Schedule

Click the New Item button on the View Toolbar.  Or, you could you the Items ribbon tab.

Complete the New Work Hours Form

  1. Title: Fill in the Title.
  2. Enter the number of hours scheduled per day.
  3. Default: Check the box if this is the default Work Hours schedule for resources.  
  4. When finished, click the Save button.

Note:  If you have to change a resource's work hours (ex: someone goes part time) you must change the work hours selection on the resource, commit the resource to a project in the Resource Planner, and then go and RESAVE the work hours for the right availability to show in the Resource Planner.

Modify an Existing Work Hours Schedule

Select the drop down arrow for the desired Work Hours Schedule.

Select the desired action, such as Edit Item or Delete Item, as needed.

Modify Work Hours

Make the desired changes.  When finished, click the Save button.



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