How do I manage resource roles?

This article will show how to add and manage Roles in your EPM Live Site App. The EPM Live resource management tools use the Roles for grouping and matching resources. Additionally, the resource analyzer tools show availabilities and workload as totaled and sorted by resource roles. Each resource added to the Resource Pool will have an associated primary role. Also, generic resources added to the Resource Pool must have a matching role to the generic resource's title.

By default there is one role in every new EPM Live Site App, which is "Employee," since the Role field is a required field, and you can associate each resource to the Employee role. If you are using additional roles, you would create them on the Roles page.

1. Navigate to Roles

  1. Select the Settings Gear icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Under the User Management section, click Roles.

2. Create a New Role

Click the New button on the View Toolbar.


  1. Select the Items ribbon tab.
  2. Click the New Item drop down menu.
  3. Click the New Item button.

3. Complete the New Role Form

  1. Title: Fill in the Role Title.
  2. When finished, click the Save button.

4. Edit or Delete Existing Roles

Select the contextual drop down menu for the Role that you want to modify. Then, select the desired action, whether to edit item, delete item, etc.

5. Delete Role Caution Message

Note: You cannot delete a Role if there are any resources (whether generic or named users) are associated to that Role. In this example, the role Business Analyst cannot be deleted since there is a generic and named user who have that role.

If you truly want to delete a role, first re-associate the mentioned resources to a different role. Then, you may delete the role.



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