How do I manage resource departments?

This article will show how to manage the Resource Departments to your EPM Live Site App.  The EPM Live resource management tools use the Departments for grouping resources.  Additionally, permissions can be set on the resource management tools, so that a department manager can view and manage his/her resources who are part of his/her department.

Note: This Departments Page is for organization and management of Resources only.  Additionally, there is an available app for managing Project Departments, in which you may add department metadata, and configure security at the Department level.  That List App is called Project Departments.

1. Navigate to Departments

  1. Select the Settings Gear icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Under the User Management section, click Departments.

2. Create a New Department

Click the New button on the View Toolbar.


  1. Select the Items ribbon tab.  
  2. Click the New Item drop down menu.
  3. Click the New Item button.

3. Complete the New Department Form

  1. Title: Fill in the Department Title.
  2. Parent Department: Select a Parent Department (if applicable). This is applicable if you have a parent department with sub-departments.  See below for an example of a parent-sub department relationship.  Note: The Parent Department field will only show previously added departments in the drop down selection menu.
  3. Managers: Select one or more names for Department Manager.  Click the name in the box on the left and click the Add > button.  The Department Manager for this department is the one who manages the resources in this department using the Resource Management Tools, such as Resource Planner and Resource Analyzer.  Note: The Department Manager selection box will only show previously added resources to the Resource Pool.
  4. Executives: Select the executive's name in the box on the left and click the Add > button to note that user as an executive on this department.  Do this for all applicable executives for the department.  This field is used for reference/metadata purposes.  Note: The Executives selection box will only show previously added resources to the Resource Pool.
  5. When finished, click the Save button.

Note: In the Resource Pool, selecting the "My Resources" button will quickly filter the Resource Pool to only show resources from the department(s) for which that user is a Department Manager or Department Executive.

3.1. Example Department with Parent-Sub Relationship

An applicable use of the Parent Department field would be if you were managing permissions to the EPM Live resources based on which department they are added.  In this example, the new department is the Development Department as a sub-department of IT.  'Development' would be the department title, and 'IT' would be the parent department.  

If you do select a Parent Department, the sub-department's Display Name field will show the relationship of parent and sub-departments as "parent.sub," such as in this example as "IT.Development."

Note: Any user that is selected as an executive or department manager for a parent department will also have visibility into the children departments for the Resource Analyzer.

4. Edit or Delete Departments

  1. Select the contextual drop down menu for whichever Department you want to edit.
  2. Select the option to view, edit, delete, etc.

Note: You cannot delete a department if there are resources in the Resource Pool who have been added to that Department.  Also, you can't delete a named user resource if that resource is the Department Manager or a specific department.



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