How do I enable Associated Items?

In this article, you will learn how to configure the Associated Items feature on a List App.

Note: The instructions in this article are applicable to Administrators in the Top Level Site as well as to Power Users who have Owner permissions on a workspace.

1. Navigate to the List Settings

Navigate to the List App.  

  1. On the View Toolbar, select the Settings Gear.

2. Open General Settings (EPM Live)

Under the General Settings heading, select General Settings (EPM Live).

3. Additional Settings

Associated Items: When enabled (check box selected), the ribbon will contain a link to associated List Apps in the Ribbon as well as on the Item Control Page (if Fancy Forms are in use).  

Note: This settings must be checked/enabled on the other List Apps - the parent List App and its children List Apps.

Ex: Select the check box for Associated Items in Project Center, Issues, Task Center, and Risks.  Then, from the Project Center, those lists will be available to link to for the selected project(s).

3.1. Associated Items in Use - Items Ribbon

3.2. Associated Items in Use - Fancy Forms

4. Save and Close General Settings

When finished, click Save.



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