How do I enable a list for Timesheets?

In this article, you will learn how to configure the Timesheets feature on a List App.

Note: The instructions in this article are applicable to Administrators in the Top Level Site as well as to Power Users who have Owner permissions on a workspace.

1. Navigate to the List Settings

Navigate to the List App.  

  1. On the View Toolbar, select the Settings Gear.

2. Open General Settings (EPM Live)

Under the General Settings heading, select General Settings (EPM Live).

3. Enable Timesheets

Enable Timesheets: When checked, this setting is enabled.  By enabling the Timesheets feature, this List App is added to the Timesheet Settings Page as a Timesheet List.  Also, the two following fields are created in the List App:

  • Timesheet: This is a Yes/No checkbox field.  Users use this checkbox to indicate which work items are timesheet items.
  • Timesheet Hours: This is a number field.  The number of hours (either saved or approved, based on the Timesheet Settings set) will show, populated from the Timesheets.

Note:  Be sure to verify the Editable Fields settings for the Timesheet Hours field.  The Timesheet Hours field should never be editable in the List App views or forms.  The Timesheet Hours value should only be populated via the Timesheet tool directly.

To use the Timesheet Feature, the Timesheets App must be installed in your Site.

If you uninstall the Timesheet App, the fields are not removed from this List App.

Note: If using the Timesheets feature, any List App that will be used as a Timesheet List also needs to be checked as a Work List and mapped to the Reporting Database.  This is because Timesheets use the Reporting Database (aka EPM Live Content Database) as the Data Source.  Also, the items that get tracked in the Timesheet also pull from the Work Settings Page, therefore the List App is enabled as a Work List.

4. Save and Close General Settings

When finished, click Save.



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