How do I Create Global Fragments in the Online Planner?

This article explains how to create global Planner Fragments.  Users can create their own personal fragments.  Administrators can save a new Planner Fragment as their own personal fragment or as a global fragment.  Fragments are saved within the Online Planner type.  

1. Navigate to the List App

Navigate to the List App that you want to create a fragment.  This would be the List App that has the Online Planner enabled. For example, the Project Planner in Project Center (Projects).  Or, the Service Request Planner in Service Requests.  

2. Edit the Plan

  1. Select the contextual drop down menu.
  2. Click Edit Plan.

3. Select Project Planner

Select Project Planner.

4. Build a Fragment

Build the desired fragment tasks. Add summary tasks, detailed tasks, milestones, durations, and resources to the fragment.

Note: When a fragment is added to a plan, any resources in the fragment will be added to the team for that item if the resource wasn't already there.  

5. Save Fragment

  1. Click the Project tab.
  2. Click the Fragments drop down.
  3. Click Save Fragment.

6. Save Fragment Details

  1. Title: Enter title of the fragment.
  2. Description: Add a detailed description.
  3. Private: Select the private check box if this is a fragment just for you.  Leave the check box clear to make this a global fragment.  Global fragments are available for all users who are using the Online Planner.
  4. Click Save.

7. Save & Publish, or Close

Save & Publish, or Close the Planner.

  • If you Save and Publish the plan, this will be the saved plan for the item.  For example, if in the Project Planner, this will be the selected project's plan.
  • If you click Close without saving, the fragment will still be saved and available, but this item (ex: project) will not have those tasks saved as that item's plan.  



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