How do I Create a New Site Collection? (Online Customers)

The lesson shows you how to create a new EPM Live Site App, also referred to as a Site Collection. A Site App is a new site which will be completely separate from any current site apps you may be using. A Site App is a new "top level" site, different than other Apps, which would be added into existing EPM Live Site Apps.

1. Log in to EPM Live

  1. Navigate to your EPM Live Home Landing Page. Depending on whether you are a new customer or a pre-existing customer, the URL for your landing page may vary. Here is an example Home Landing Pages: Contact your Account Manager if you are unsure where to log in for your account.
  2. Enter your Username and Password. Depending on the environment, your username may or may not require the "epm\" domain in front of your username.
  3. Click the Sign In button.

2. Create a New Application

Click Create Application.

3. Create Application

  1. Select the desired Site App template. You may have one or multiple options.
  2. Note: If unsure about which template is right for your solution needs, click more to get further template description details, screen shots, and more...
  3. In the Application Name field, enter the new Site App's title. Note: This will also become the site's URL suffix.
  4. Before clicking the Create button, you may select the More Options button.

3.1. Create Application More Options

  1. Enter Workspace URL: this is automatically populated with the Application Name (any spaces will be removed). Conversely, if you update the URL field, the Application Name field will also update accordingly.
  2. Select Account: This would default to your EPM Live Account (For example, this will most likely be your Company Name).
  3. Enter Description: If desired, enter a description. This description will appear on your Home Landing Page to help distinguish this Site Apps from other Site Apps.
  4. When finished, click Create.

Note: The Application Name (Title) & Description can be changed later after the site is created. The URL for your Site App can NOT be changed.

When your new Site App is created, you will be guided through the Setup Wizard. For more information, please see the additional lesson for the Setup Wizard.



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