How do I Create a New Planner?

This article shows how to add a new planner and configure its settings.  This would apply to adding any type of planner, such as the EPM Live Online Planner, Microsoft Project Planner, Agile Planner, or KanBan Board Planner.  

1. Navigate to Planners

  1. Select the Settings Gear icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Under the Planner Settings heading, select Planners to open the page for managing all Planners.

2. Click Add New Planner

Click Add New Planner.

3. Configure the New Planner Settings

Configure the settings for the new Planner.  Depending on the selected box(es) checked for the Planner Availability section (circled above), the lower portion of settings will change to reflect that planner's applicable settings.  

For more information about these settings options, please see the next articles in this chapter for each planner type.

4. Create Default View in the New Planner

If you are creating a planner using the Online Planner availability (as set in the previous step), you must also set up a default view in the new planner.  The instructions for how to create a view and save it as default are shown in the EPM Live User Guide, here: How do I Create and Save a View in the Project Planner?



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