How do I configure the New Form Redirect?

In this article, you will learn how to enable the New Form Redirect feature in a List App.

Note: The instructions in this article are applicable to Administrators in the Top Level Site as well as to Power Users who have Owner permissions on a workspace.

1. Navigate to the List Settings

Navigate to the List App.  

  1. On the View Toolbar, select the Settings Gear.

2. Open General Settings (EPM Live)

Under the General Settings heading, select General Settings (EPM Live).

3. New Form Redirect

New Form Redirect: When enabled, users will be redirected to the view/display form when they submit a new item, also called the Control Page.  If the box is unchecked, the setting is disabled, and users will be directed back to which page they were previously on when they submit the new item.  

Note: If Fancy Forms are enabled, users will be directed to the Fancy Form version of the view/display form.  

4. Save and Close General Settings

When finished, click Save.



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