How do I configure the named rates table?

This article will show you how to set up additional Named Rates in the Rates Table. Once the Rates Table is populated, then the Resource Rates can be entered for specific Resources. By default on a new site, that Rates Table is empty/blank. The Rates Table is to be used if the Role Rate needs to be further specified. For example, there may be a standard rate for the Developer Role. However, there may be senior level developers and intern level developers that have a higher or lower rate than the standard developer rate.

Note: The named rates are available for use in the Cost Planner and the Resource Planner.

  • For use in the Cost Planner, you would select the check box for Show Named Rates for each applicable Cost Type.
  • For use in the Resource Planner, any user can add the Named Rate column to the Resource Planner view.

1. Navigate to Rates

  1. Select the Settings Gear icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Under the Cost Management heading, select Rates.

2. Add New Rate

Click Add to add a new Rate.

3. Name the New Rate

4. Modify New Rate

  1. Select the desired row in the Rates table.
  2. Click the Modify button.
  3. On the Modify pop up window, enter the rate.
  4. If applicable, you may enter when the rate may change by adding a new effective date and what the new rate will be as of that new effective date.
  5. When finished, click OK.

5. Select Resource(s) for New Rate

Note: It is NOT required to associate resources to each named rate. However, to note that a specific resource's rate is different than that of their role, you would follow these steps to add the resource to the named rate.

  1. Select the desired row in the Rates table.
  2. Click the Resources button.

6. Select the Resources to be Associated to New Rate

  1. Select the desired resource.
  2. Click the [>] and [<] buttons to select or remove the named user resources.
  3. The Resources associated to the New Rate will show in the window on the right.
  4. When finished, click OK.

7. Updated Rates Table

When finished, click Save.

The completed rates table will show the Rate Name and which resource(s) are associate to that rate. This will update the Standard Rate field in the Resource Pool for the resource.

8. Updated Resource Information

To verify that the rate for the selected resource was updated, open the Resource View Form for that resource. Edit the Resource, but don't make any changes, then Save & Close. This refreshes the Resource, and the Standard Rate field automatically updates.

Note: Do NOT manually enter the resource rate into the Standard Rate field in the Resource Pool. The value will be over-written by the Role Rate or the specified rate from the Rates table.



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