How do I configure the list's advanced settings?

This article will show you how to configure the Advanced Settings for the List App.

Note: The instructions in this article are applicable to Administrators in the Top Level Site as well as to Power Users who have Owner permissions on a workspace.

1. Navigate to the List Settings

Navigate to the List App.  

  1. On the View Toolbar, select the Settings Gear.

2. Open Advanced Settings

Under the General Settings heading, select Advanced Settings.

3. Content Types

Specify whether to allow the management of content types on this List App. Each content type will appear on the new button and can have a unique set of columns, workflows and other behaviors.

4. Item Level Permissions

Specify which items users can read and edit in the List App.  This setting is separate than the item-level permissions if you are using the Build Team Security feature on this List App (found on the General Settings page).

Note: Users with the Manage Lists permission can read and edit all items.

5. Attachments

Select Enabled or Disabled for the option to attach files to items in the List App.

6. Additional Settings

  1. Folders: Select Yes or No to show the “New Folder” command on the New menu for the list.
  2. Search: Select Yes or No to allow items to show in the search results.
  3. Reindex List: Click the Reindex List button to reindex all of the content in this document library during the next scheduled crawl.

7. Additional Settings

  1. Offline Client Availability: Determine whether you would like items in this list to be downloaded to offline clients.
  2. Quick Edit: Specify whether Quick Edit can be used on this list to bulk edit data.
  3. Dialogs: If dialogs are available, specify whether to launch the new, edit, and display forms in a dialog. Selecting "No" will cause these actions to navigate to the full page.  Note: Dialogs may not be available on all forms.

8. Click OK

When finished, click OK.



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