How do I approve pending users?

The instructions in this article pertain to the Site Collection Administrator(s) and EPM Live Account Owner for the Site Collection.

This article explains how to view and approve pending new resources in the Resource Pool.  If another user has contribute access to the Resource Pool, he or she may add a new Resource.  However, unless he or she is a Site Collection Administrator (SCA) or the EPM Live Account Owner, that new resource needs to be approved by a Site Collection Administrator or the Account Owner.

1. Creating a New Resource

When a new user is added to the Resource Pool, the person adding sees the yellow bar at the top of the resource form, stating "Once you fill out this form the resource will be requested and must be approved by an administrator."

2. Notice of Pending User

The Site Collection Administrator(s) and Account Owner will receive the following email, alerting that a new user has been added, and is pending approval.  Either click the Click Here link to navigate to the pending users view in the Resource Pool or go to the EPM Live site & navigate to the Resource Pool.

Note: If the requested resource already exists on this account, but for a different site collection, they will automatically be approved, and no alert email will be sent out.  However, although the new resource is approved, he or she still needs the Site Collection Administrator or Account Owner to add permissions to that resource.

3. Go to Resources Pending Approval View in Resource Pool

Navigate to the view Resources Pending Approval.  

4. Edit Pending Resource

  1. Select the pending resource.
  2. Click Edit Item.

5. Grant Permissions & License Type

By selecting a license type and permission groups, the newly requested user will now be approved, and will also now have access to log into EPM Live.



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