How do I add workflows to my site?

This article explains how to publish custom workflows into your Site App, then activate the workflows in the applicable List App. Please refer to the previous articles for how to build custom workflows as prep for this article.

1. Launch SharePoint Designer

Launch SharePoint Designer 2013 on your Desktop.

2. Open Your Site

If you've used SharePoint Designer before, your EPM Live site may be listed under the Recent Sites section. If not, select Open Site.

2.1. Enter your Site Name

  1. Copy/Paste your EPM Live Site App URL into the Site Name field. Do not include the community name or the .aspx at the end of the URL. For example: not
  2. Click the Open button.

3. Sign In to your Site App

If prompted, sign in to your site with your username and password.

4. Open Workflows Tab

  1. Under the Site Objects heading, select Workflows.
  2. Double click the desired workflow to publish. Ex: Project Review Alert.

5. Publish Workflow

The selected workflow will open. On the Workflow ribbon, click the Publish button.

Once the workflow is published, it can now be added to the specific List App(s) where applicable.

6. Open Workflow Settings for the Desired List App

Open & log in to your EPM Live site.

Navigate to the List App where you will activate the workflow. For the example of the Project Review Alert workflow, the applicable List App is the Project Center.

On the List Ribbon Tab, select Workflow Settings. Alternatively, you could open the List Settings page, and click Workflow Settings from there.

7. Understanding the Workflow Settings Page

For each List App, you can manage the existing workflows and add new workflows.

  1. All the added workflows will show here. Each time a workflow is re-published, it will show on the List that it had been added to previously. The existing workflow will update so that it's listed as a previous version.
  2. If any workflows had been started at the time of the re-publish, they will show as in progress until finished.
  3. Click Add a workflow to add a workflow to this List App.
  4. Click Remove a Workflow to remove any current or previous versions of workflows on this List App.

8. Add a Workflow

Click Add a workflow to add a workflow to this List App.

9. Workflow Settings

  1. Workflow: All published workflows will be available to select. Select Project Approval Alert.
  2. Name: Enter the name for the workflow. This can be the same as the Workflow Title from SharePoint Designer, or you can give it a more User Friendly name, if applicable.
  3. Task List: As workflows are in progress, certain tasks may be assigned to users (ex: to approve, etc). Select the Tasks list where the tasks are to be maintained. In EPM Live's template, the Workflow Tasks list is available.
  4. History List: Select the History list where the status and history of the workflows are to be maintained. Ex: Workflow History.

10. Start Options

Start Options: The start options will show or be greyed out based on the Start Options selected in SharePoint Designer. The options include:

  • Allow this workflow to be manually started by an authenticated user with Edit Item permissions.
  • Require Manage Lists Permissions to start the workflow. (This option is only available if the manually start option is selected.)
  • Start this workflow to approve publishing a major version of an item.
  • Start this workflow when a new item is created.
  • Start this workflow when an item is changed.

Select the two available options for Start this workflow when a new item is created and Start this workflow when an item is changed.

11. Test the Workflow

Whenever a workflow has been added in EPM Live, it is a good idea to test that it works correctly.

For this example Project Approval Alert workflow, update a project with the following:

  • Be sure that the Project Manager field has a value.
  • Update the field Review Status to Ready for Review.
  • Save the Project.

12. Email Received

Confirm that the email was sent successfully. Verify that all the hyperlinks in the email are correct.

13. Workflow Status

  1. Select the Project on which the workflow was tested.
  2. On the Item's contextual drop down (or on the Items Ribbon tab), select Workflows.

14. Item Workflows Page

The completed workflow will show. Click the workflow name to see more details, if needed.



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