How do I add the Charting web part?

In this article, you will learn how to add and configure the EPM Live Charting (also referred to as the Chart Control) Web Part to any page. EPM Live also provides a number of pre-built Charting Web Parts for easier configuration. Note: In order to view and configure the Charting Web Part, Microsoft Silverlight must be installed on the local client machine (end user computer). As an alternative, add the HTML Charts web part instead, as Silverlight is not required for those types of charts.

1. Navigate to the Page

Navigate to the Page within EPM Live where you will add the Charting Web Part. If navigating to a Dashboard, select the Dashboard name from the view drop down within that List App.

2. Open the Page in Edit Mode

Select the Settings Gear icon on the Icon Bar. Select Edit Page.

3. Add a Web Part

Click Add a Web Part in the section/column of the page where you want to add the Charting Web Part.

4. Select the Charting Web Part

  1. Select the EPM Live category.
  2. Select the Charting Web Part.
  3. Change the section/column to add the Web Part, if needed.
  4. Click the Add button.

5. Edit Web Part

Select the Click Here link to configure the EPM Live Charting Web Part.

6. Configure Chart Display Options

  1. List: Select the List from which to show data in the Chart.
  2. View: Select the view, from which the filter will be applied to this chart.
  3. Rollup Lists: Disregard this setting.
  4. Select whether or not to show the following formatting options: Show in 3D, Show Gridlines, Show X-Axis Labels, Show Legend, Display Zero Value Data.

7. Select Chart Type

Select the chart type for this Charting Web Part. Available options include:

  • Column
  • Stacked Column
  • Stacked Column 100%
  • Bar
  • Stacked Bar
  • Stacked Bar 100%
  • Area
  • Stacked Area
  • Stacked Area 100%
  • Line
  • Doughnut
  • Pie
  • Funnel Streamline
  • Funnel Section
  • Bubble


8. Configure Charting Web Part (continued.)

  1. Palette: Select the Color Palette for this Charting Web Part.
  2. Title: Enter the Chart Title, if desired.
  3. X Axis: Select the field for the X Axis of the Chart.
  4. Aggregation Type: Select the applicable aggregation type.
  5. Y Axis: Select the field (or fields) for the Y Axis of the Chart.

9. Define Y Axis Formatting & Z Axis

If applicable, select whether or not to show the Y Axis values as percent, currency, or neither.

Note: If applicable, you may have the option to select the Z Axis.

10. Configure Charting Web Part Appearance

  1. Title: Enter the Web Part Title, if desired.
  2. Chrome Type: Select the desired chrome type, such as Title Only.
  3. When finished, click the OK button.

11. Completed Charting Web Part

12. Stop Editing Page

When you are finished modifying the HTML Chart Web Part or any others on this page, select Stop Editing from the Page Ribbon Tab.



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