How do I add charts in Report Builder?

This article shows how to add a chart into a custom report.

1. Insert Chart

  1. On the Insert Ribbon Tab, select Chart.
  2. Select Insert Chart.

2. Re-Size Chart

  1. Place the chart cursor where you want the top left corner of the chart to be.
  2. Drag to the desired size of chart and un-click.

3. Select Chart Type

  1. A pop up window will appear with the select of chart types. Select the type and style of chart to insert.
  2. Click the OK button.

4. Open Chart Data Window

Click anywhere in the chart for the Chart Data window to appear.

5. Add Dataset Fields to Chart Data

Drag the fields from the Dataset to the Chart Data window in the appropriate section. This works in a similar way as other chart designing tools such as Excel. The Chart will update its labels based on how the fields are added to the Chart Data window to give a general preview of the chart look and feel.

6. Add Chart and Axis Titles

Click in the Axis Titles and the Chart Title fields to update them.

7. Run Report Test

On the Home Ribbon Tab, select Run. This will load your EPM Live data into your report to preview what the report will look like.

8. Report Preview

Review your report as it would appear when launched by the End Users. You may also test various print and layout options.

If your report does not look the way you want, you may toggle back to Design Mode by selecting Design on the Run Ribbon Tab to make additional changes.



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