EPM Live Web Parts Overview

This article highlights the custom EPM Live Web Parts available.  EPM Live provides a number of custom web parts, beyond the web parts available from SharePoint.  The majority of web parts are available on the EPM Live category.  Otherwise, the category is listed.

Note: The instructions in this article are applicable to Administrators in the Top Level Site as well as to Power Users who have Owner permissions on a workspace.

1. Action Menu

The Action Menu Web Part adds the view toolbar to a dashboard page.  It allows the end users to navigate from a List App’s Dashboard view back to another List App view.

2. App Summary

The App Summary Web Part shows a summary breakdown of data within a List App.

3. Assignment Planner

The Assignment Planner Web Part shows all the work items and time off a resource(s) is assigned to within one window.  This is not a web part that you would add to a web part page.  It is a feature that's launched in a pop up window from the Resources page.

4. Charting

The Charting Web Part includes different types of graphs - bar, line, pie charts, bubble charts, etc.  This web part requires Silverlight.  EPM Live recommends using the newer non-Silverlight charts web part, called HTML charts, instead.

5. Comment Stream

The Comment Stream Web Part enables users to comment on items in EPM Live (such as List and Library App items) to collaborate, ask questions and give answers quickly with other team members.

6. Contextual Help

This setting is not available/functional.  Please disregard this web part.

7. Filter

The EPM Live Filter Web Part allows the end users to change the current view's filters without needing to navigate to different pre-configured views within a List App.  This web part is also useful when added to List App Dashboards, to filter the data shown on all connected web parts in the dashboard. The Filter Web Part works in conjunction with the Chart Web Part, but not the HTML Charts Web Part.

8. Grid/Gantt

Many of the capabilities and features that EPM Lives develops into the EPM Live solution are accessible with the use of the Grid/Gantt Web Part. This includes a user-friendly display of data, tools that are opened via the Grid view, contextual menus, and more. This web part also allows for List App data to be visible in both a Grid view format and a Gantt chart view format. When added to a List App, this Web Part also allows the Enterprise List Apps to roll up values from sub-sites (if applicable). It is recommended to only add the Grid/Gantt View Web Part to a list’s Standard SharePoint View. This will ensure correct functionality of the Gantt and other capabilities.  The Grid/Gantt web part can be added to a list view or on any web part page in EPM Live (such as the Home Page or a Dashboard).

9. HTML Chart

The HTML Chart Web Part includes different types of graphs - bar, line, pie charts, etc.  This web part uses HTML5.  When adding a new HTML chart, a chart wizard walks you through the chart configuration.

10. My Reminders

The My Reminders Web Part is displays the status of various actionable items from various Work List Apps assigned to the user logged in.

11. My Timesheets

The My Timesheets Web Part is the Timesheets web part for "My Timesheet." End Users track time on Work and Non Work items in their timesheet.

12. My Work

The My Work Web Part allows users to view all their “work” from one central location.  The web part that can be placed on any site and will roll data from specified EPM Live work lists. The My Work Grid / Web Part is configured via the Work Settings Page and the My Work Web Part settings.  This web part uses the EPM Live custom control for working within the web part, changing views, etc.

13. My Workspaces

The My Workspaces web part shows all the workspaces (sites and sub-sites) that the user has access.  This web part is not necessary in the current version of EPM Live, as the Workspaces menu on the icon bar shows users all workspaces to which they have access.

14. Report List

Shows all the List App views, Library App views, and the Reporting Services (SSRS) Reports from the Report Library.

15. Report Viewer

Shows all the SSRS Reports listed on the left, and the selected report will launch in the same window to the right.

16. Resource Center

The Resource Center Web Part shows the Resource Pool resources, along with buttons for the various Resource Management tools, views, reports, etc.  This web part uses the EPM Live custom control for working within the web part, changing views, etc.  This web part is also referred to as the "Resource Grid."

17. Social Stream

The Social Stream Web Part shows users updates, comments, and activities for the items that are applicable to them.  Users can add new items and upload documents from the Social Stream as well.

18. Setup Wizard

The Setup Wizard Web Part is a hidden web part placed on the Home Page of the Site that launches the Setup Wizard the first time the site is opened.

19. SSRS Report List

The SSRS Report List Web Part shows a list of all SSRS Reports.  When a report is selected, it launches in a new window.

20. SSRS Single Report View

The SSRS Single Report View Web Part shows one report.  The Web Part configuration is to select which report to show.

21. User Profile

The User Profile Web Part shows the user’s Profile Pic, the user’s Display Name, and the current Date.

22. WorkEngine Category - Timesheet Approvals

The Timesheet Approvals Web Part is added to the Timesheet Manager Approvals view of the My Timesheet List.  This web part is how/where the Timesheet Manager can review and approve his/her resources’ Timesheets.

23. WorkEngine Category - Timesheet PM Approvals

The Timesheet PM Approvals Web Part is added to the Project Manager Approvals view of the My Timesheet List.  This web part is how/where the Project Managers can review and note their approval of their projects’ timesheet entries.

24. WorkEngine Category - Timesheet Reports

This shows an Excel Report called My Timesheet Report.  This is a report used for legacy versions of EPM Live.  Current customers should use the Timesheet Analyzer Report from the Excel Reports page or the EPM Live Analytics Timesheet Reports instead.



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