Appendix - EPM Live Timer Queue and Priorities

This article explains how the the various actions in the EPM Live Timer Queue are prioritized.  The following actions are done on the Queue Service, so that users can continue to work in the system while the jobs are completing on the server. If a specific action shows a Status/Last Result of Queued, it is in the queue, and will process once its turn comes.  Once an action has its turn, the status will update to Processing and will show the % of completion.  You may need to refresh the page to get the updated % complete.

1. Table of Jobs & Priority

Table of Jobs & Priority

The table above shows the priority of jobs that are managed by the EPM Live Timer Service.  The jobs with a priority level of 1-9 are managed via the "High" process, while jobs with a priority level of 10+ are managed via the "Low" process.



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