SSRS Reports - Resources

These SSRS reports are the out of the box Resource Reporting Services Reports available in the standard site collection within the Classic Reports. This article covers the different Resource Capacity Planning reports and Execution reports available in EPM Live.

Please note: Your site may appear differently as it may include new or custom reports.

View the Resource SSRS Reports

  • View the Resource reports.

Capacity Planning Reports

  • View the Capacity Planning sub-category reports.

Resource Available vs. Planned by Department

  • View the Resource Available vs. Planned by Department Capacity report. This report displays the available and planned hours (by month) for generic and name resources by department.

Resource Capacity Heat Map

  • View the Resource Capacity Heat Map. The parameters include the period start and end dates and the department.

Resource Commitments

  • View the Resource Commitments report. The parameter selected includes the resource name. This report displays the project names and the committed hours the selected resource is committed to by year and month.

Resource Requirements by Project

  • View the Resource Requirements by Project report. The parameter selected includes the project name. This report displays the project names, the committed generic and named resources, the hours and costs (if set up with costs) by year. The years can be expanded to display the details per month.

Execution SSRS Report

  • View the Execution sub-category report.

Resource Work vs. Capacity Report

  • View the Resource Work vs. Capacity report. The red line in the graph represents the total capacity (maximum hours possible) for all selected resources (named and generic). Work is equal to the scheduled work and the Availability is the difference between the Capacity and Work (Capacity - Work).  Capacity is determined by the resource's work schedule and holiday schedule. 



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