List View Reports - Project Reports

These reports are the out of the box reports available in the standard site collection within the Projects Category in the Classic Report List. This article covers the different Project reports available in EPM Live.

Please note: Your site may appear differently as it may include new or custom reports.

View the Project List Reports

  • View the list of reports available under the Projects heading. To view a specific report, click the title of the report.

Note: The user will only see data that they have access to when viewing any of the project reports.

Bubble Chart

  • The Bubble Chart will display all items, except those noted as completed. The default is to display the items by lifecycle stage and by prioritization score.

Project Assessment

  • The Project Assessment report will display all projects and will be sorted by project name, state, and lifecycle. Additionally, the four business factors which make up the prioritization score can be viewed.

Prioritization Score Calculation Fields

  • Prioritization Score: is calculated based on the value and weight for each of the business factors. The Prioritization Score is calculated / updated when the Project Item is saved.

My Upcoming and Overdue Issues

  • The My Upcoming and Overdue Issues report will display items sorted by status and when the following is true: Assigned to is equal to Me, and when the column Completed is not equal to Yes, and when the due date is less than today + 7.

The Project Dashboard

  • View the Project Dashboard.  All items will appear in the Project Dashboard. A subset of the items can be displayed by using filters. Filters are particularly important for lists containing 5,000 or more items because they allow you to work with large lists more efficiently.

Project Health

  • View the Project Health report which displays the key performance indicators.

Project Center Indicators

  • View the Project Center Indicators.

Projects I Own

  • View the Projects I Own. This view will display all project items where the project manager is equal to me.

Schedule Summary (Gantt)

  • View the Schedule Summary (Gantt) view. The Gantt chart (bar chart)  illustrates the project schedule with the start and finish dates of the project items displayed in the list.

Project Schedule Status Indicators

  • View the project schedule status indicators.

Schedule Summary

View the Schedule Summary report. In this report the project start and finish, project actual start and project actual finish, and project % Complete can be tracked.

Tracking Summary View

  • View the Tracking Summary report. Here the Project start and finish dates, project work, project actual work, project remaining cost, and project percent complete can be tracked.

Work Summary

  • View the Work Summary report. In this report the project work, project actual work, project remaining work, and work % spent can be tracked.



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