EPM Live Analytics - Projects Reports

This chapter covers the Project reports within EPM Live Analytics.

Report Categories in EPM Live Analytics

  • View the report categories in EPM Live Analytics.

Project Actual Cost

  • View the Project Actual Cost report.

Note: Cost Pareto analysis is used when you want to know which category of problem is the most expensive in terms of cost. Cost Pareto Analysis is used to view and analyze data to highlight the most significant areas (e.g. project costs). This pattern is often referred to as the ‘80/20 rule’ = 80% of costs are caused by 20% of the problems. The diagram above allows data to be displayed as a bar chart and enables the main contributors to a problem to be highlighted.

Project Benefits

  • View the Project Benefits report.

Project Budget

  • View the Project Budget report.

Project Budget by Managers

  • View the Project Budget by Managers report.

Project Budget by Priority

  • View the Project Budget by Priority report.

Project Budget by Project Type

  • View the Project Budget by Project Type report.

Project Budget by State

  • View the Project Budget by State report.

Project Budget Estimates

  • View the Project Budget Estimates report.

Project Cost

  • View the Project Cost report.

Project Cost Details

  • View the Project Cost Details report.

Projects by Budget Status

  • View the Projects by Budget Status report.



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