Accessing the Business Intelligence Center in EPM Live

The Business Intelligence Center is where the various reports in EPM Live can be accessed. The following article explains how to navigate to the Business Intelligence Center and briefly describes both Classic (basic) and EPM Live Analytics (advanced) reports. These reports are the out of the box reports available in the standard site collection.

Terminology Note: The EPM Live Analytics feature was formerly referred to as Upland Analytics.  Please understand these terms as both referring to the same feature of EPM Live.  As of v5.6.11, the EPM Live product still has the Upland Analytics label, but is planned to be updated to EPM Live Analytics in a future product release.

Please note: Your site may appear differently as it may include new or custom reports.

1. Accessing the Business Intelligence Center

  1. Click the Navigation button on the Icon Bar.
  2. Click the Reports link.

2. View the Business Intelligence Center

  1. Click the EPM Live Analytics box to view the advanced reports.
  2. Click the Classic Reporting box to view the basic reports.

3. View the EPM Live Analytics Report Page

  • View the EPM Live Analytics Report landing page. From the category list displayed, a report can be selected, viewed and modified, and an instant report or dashboard can be easily created and saved.

4. View the Classic Reporting Page

  1. View the Classic Reporting landing page.
  2. View the categories below the Report List heading and the sub-categories below the Reporting Services Reports Heading.

Note: There are a total of 132 reports within the Classic Reports: 74 out of the box List Reports and 58 SSRS Reports.

4.1. View an Example of a List App View

  • View an Example of a List App View.

4.2. Chart Examples

  • View the chart examples.

4.3. List Reporting Security

  • Users will be able to view only the list data they have access to based on their permissions.



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