How do I modify the field descriptions?

This article explains how to edit the field description or display names in an EPM Live  Analytics report.   The steps are applicable whether you are building a new report or updating an existing report.

1. Navigate to the EPM Live Analytics Reports Page

  1. On the navigation menu, select Reports to open the Business Intelligence Center.
  2. Click EPM Live Analytics.

2. Open Report Designer

  1. If you are on the Reports landing page, hover over a report to show the Print and Edit icon buttons.  Click the Edit icon.  -- Or --
  2. If you are already viewing a report, click the Open in Designer icon.

3. Enter Field Description

The field description is the display name that will show when users launch the report.  The Field column shows each field's Internal Field Name.  This may be different than the display name.  For example, Title is the internal field name for the name/title of an item in every 'LST' table.  Change the display name of the field in the report by editing the description.  

If you have multiple Data Sources, and are referencing multiple fields with the same Internal Field Name, be cautious as to when you rename the description.  For example, if you add Title from the LSTProjectCenter table and Title from the LSTTaskCenter table, you would rename the descriptions to be Project Name and Task Name, respectively.  

Best Practice: Rename field descriptions to match the list field display names, as applicable.  This will keep the naming of fields consistent for users when they look at list data as well as reports.  Ex: 'PercentComplete' is shown as '% Complete' in the work lists and in the reports.  



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