How do I display subtotals for subgroups?

This article explains how to use the Subtotal function feature in the Advanced Field Settings options in EPM Live Analytics reports.  

1. Navigate to the EPM Live Analytics Reports Page

  1. On the navigation menu, select Reports to open the Business Intelligence Center.
  2. Click EPM LiveAnalytics.

2. Select Report

  1. Select the category.
  2. Select a report.

3. Open Report Designer

  1. Once viewing the report, click the Open in Designer icon.

4. Open Advanced Field Settings

Any field row that already has advanced field settings configured will show with a green check mark.  

  1. Check the Sort and VG box to sort and visually group by Project.
  2. Check the "Add Subtotals" box.
  3. Click the Advanced Field Settings icon for the desired row. In this scenario, a count on the project tasks where Project Tasks are grouped by Project is needed.

4.1. Subtotal Function

  • Subtotal Function: Sets a customized function for subtotals displayed with this field. Select "Count".
  • Click OK.

Note: The default value is "Sum". This only applies to the bottom subtotals and not the side subtotals.

4.2. Preview

Click Preview.

4.3. View Subtotal Numbers

View subtotal numbers after each list grouped by project titles.



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