What is a Development Review Meeting?

Development Review Meetings are held to check the health of the product process. These meetings include: The Sprint Planning Meeting, , the  Sprint Review Meeting, and the Sprint Retrospective Meeting.

1. The Sprint Planning Meeting involves refining and decomposing the product backlog items (tasks, user stories, defects) and moving them items into specific iterations.

2. The Sprint Review Meeting (a.k.a. the Demo Meeting or ShowCase meeting) is done typically on the last day of the Sprint. The team "shows" (presents) how the software works to the Product Owner.

3. The Sprint Retrospective Meeting is done at the end of a Sprint and focuses on how to improve, that is what should the team start doing, stop doing, and continue doing.

This article defines the purpose of the Daily Scrum Meeting.

Understand the Purpose of the Daily Scrum Meeting

The team holds a Development Review Meeting Scrum Meeting (a.k.a. Stand up Meeting). Meetings are typically held at the same time each day and are time-boxed to 15 minutes. This keeps the discussion brief. The questions answered by each team member are:

  • What was done since last meeting?
  • What obstacles were encountered?
  • What will be done by the next meeting?

The purpose of this meeting is to focus on what each person accomplished yesterday and will accomplish today. Here the team gains an understanding of what work has been done and what work remains. The daily meeting is not a status update meeting , it is a meeting in which team members make commitments to each other.



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