How do I view a Burn Down / Burn Up Report?

The team is self-managing, and in order to do this successfully, it must know how it is doing. Every day, the team members update their estimate of the amount of time remaining to complete their current task. Following this update, someone adds up the hours remaining for the team as a whole, and plots it on the Burn-down chart. This graph shows, each day, a new estimate of how much work (measured in person hours or points) remains until the team’s tasks are finished. Ideally, this is a downward sloping graph in with the goal being to reach zero effort remaining by the last day of the Sprint. This chart shows the team their progress towards their goal, in terms of how much work remains. This article covers viewing a Burn-down chart and a Burn-Up chart in EPM Live.

1. Click the Reports Link

  • Click the Reports Link on the Navigation Menu.

Note: Depending on your site configuration, this link may appear in the Software Dev community list of links.

2. Click the Classic Reporting Option

  • Click the Classic Reporting option.

3. Click to Plus (+) Sign to the Left of the Excel Reports

  • Click to plus (+) sign to the left of Excel Reports to expand the list of reports.

4. Click the All Documents Link

  • Click the All Documents link.

5. Click the Backlog Burn Charts Link

  • Click the Backlog Burn Charts link.

6. View the Burn-down Chart

  • View the Burn-down chart.

7. Click the Burn-up Tab

  • Click the Burn-up tab.

8. View the Burn-up Chart

  • View the Burn-up chart.



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