How do I save a view in the Project Agile Planner?

You may wish to add a column to the view in the Project Agile Planner. Once the column has been added, if you save the view, you can quickly access the view for future use.  This article covers adding the Timesheet column to the Work Planning view in the Project Agile Planner and saving the view.

Note: The article assumes the EPM Live's Timesheet App has been installed to your site.  

1. Click the Edit Plan Button

  1. Select the backlog item in the Backlog List.
  2. Click the Edit Plan button.

2. Click the Work Planning View

  1. Click the Views tab.
  2. From the Current View menu options, click the Work Planning view.

Note: The Work Planning view is used for tracking time using timesheets.

3. Click the Select Columns Button

  • Click the Select Column button.

Note: By default, the Timesheet Column is not visible in the Project Agile Planner. You must add this to the view and then save the view.

4. Check the Timesheet Box

  1. Check the box to the right of Timesheet.
  2. Click OK.

5. View the Timesheet Column

  • View the Timesheet column. Check the boxes to the right of items that are timesheet items.

6. Click the Save View Button

  • Click the Save View button.

7. Enter the Name of the View

  1. Enter the name of the view.
  2. Click OK.

8. View the Title Displayed in the Current View Box

  • View the new title displayed in the Current View box.

9. Click the Save Button

  • Click Save.

10. Click the Publish Button

  • Click Publish.



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