How do I move an backlog item from one iteration to another iteration in the Project Agile Planner?

Iterations (sprints) are fixed-length intervals of time, typically a couple of weeks or a month. Backlog items (defects, users stories, and tasks) can be scheduled into "iterations". Most often, you will want to drag backlog items from one iteration to another.You can also add and deleteiterations. Iterations do not enforce any rules. For example, you can assign a task to an iteration but not close or complete it during that iteration. At the end of an iteration, you should find all work items that remain active in that iteration and take appropriate action (move them to a different iteration or return them to the backlog). This article covers moving a backlog item from one iteration to the next iteration.

1. Drag the Selected Backlog Item to Iteration 2

  1. Select the backlog item.
  2. Drag it to the next iteration until you see a blue arrow. Release your mouse.

2. View the Change

  • View the backlog item below Iteration 2.



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