How do I launch the Project Agile Planner from the Backlog List?

The Agile Planneris used during iteration planning to move user stories and defects from the Backlog List into specific iterations. It is in the Agile Plannerthat the user stories and defects are decomposed into specific tasks which can be assigned to specific team members and estimated in terms of work (e.g. hours) or points. The Project Agile Planner can be launched from the Project Center and the Backlog List. The difference is the Backlog List has only one planner associated to it - the Project Agile Planner. This article covers launching the Project Agile Planner from the Backlog List.

1. Click the Backlog Link

  • Click the Backlog link on the Navigation Menu.

2. Click the Edit Plan Button

  1. Select the backlog item.
  2. Click the Edit Plan button.

3. View the Project Agile Planner

  • View the Project Agile Planner.



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