How do I enter the points capacity in the Project Agile Planner?

The Software Development App in EPM Live allows you to estimate and manage agile projects using either points or hours. Points are the commonly used method in SCRUM to estimate the amount of work and size of iterations. However, EPM Live supports both - it is possible to use hours to estimate work rather than points if you prefer. Points is a relative measure that can be used for agile estimation of size. The team decides how big a point is, and based on that size, determines how many points each work item is. The concepts to understand agile estimation include estimation of velocity (the amount of points this project team can deliver within an iteration), estimation of size (a high-level estimate for the work item measured using points) and estimation of effort (translates the size to be measured in hours). The estimation of effort indicates how long it will take the team member(s) to complete the assigned work item(s). The Points Capacity Column is used to enter points (velocity number) at the iteration level only. The Work Capacity column is used to enter hours at the iteration level only. This lesson covers entering points in the Points Capacity column within the Points Planning view.

1. Launch the Project Agile Planner

  1. Starting in the Projects List, check the box to the left of the project name.
  2. Click the Edit Plan button.

2. Click the Project Agile Planner Box

  • Click the Project Agile Planner box.

3. Select the Points Planning View from the Current View Box

  1. Click the Views tab.
  2. Select the Points Planning view from the Current View menu box.

4. Enter the Desired Number in the Points Capacity Column

  • Enter the desired number (velocity) in the Points Capacity column.

Note:  the Available Points column is automatically populated with the number entered into the Points Capacity. This will update as estimated points are assigned to backlog items.



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