How do I add a feature?

Features (also called Epics or Epic Stories) are usually considered to be high level requirements for the product that can span releases and iterations, and may be composed of several user stores (something a user wants).  New features may be deduced by reviewing user stories in the Backlog List or developed separately.  Features (Epics) represent big user stories (a group of user stories and deliver a package of functionality) that are typically defined as too big to fit in an iteration. EPM Live is flexible enough so that features can be entered at any time, and the use of features is optional. One or more features can be associated to one or more user stories, releases, and iterations. This article covers adding a feature in the Software Development App in EPM Live.

1. Click the Features Link

  • Click the Features link on the Navigation Menu.

2. Click the New Item Button

  • Click the New Item button.

3. Enter Information

  1. Enter the title and desired information.
  2. Click the Save button.

4. View the New Feature

  • View the newly added feature in the Features List.



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