SharePoint Central Administration Configuration - Update Analytics Key

Note: These instructions are for on-premise customers only.  

The Analytics license key expires annually for on-premise customers. This article explains how to replace your expired Analytics key with your new key each year.  The actual key will be sent in an email or via a ticket from the EPM Live team.

1. Navigate to Server

Navigate to your server that hosts Analytics (iZenda).

2. Open IIS Manager

  1. Select your site that hosts Analytics.
  2. Click the Explore link.

3. Open web.config

  • This will open up Windows Explorer.
  • Search for “web.config” and open with Notepad.

3.1. Replace License Key

  • Find the old value for “IzendaLicenseKey” and replace with the new value that was provided.
  • Save file.
  • Close file.

4. Update izenda.config

Depending on your version of Analytics, you may or may not have an izenda.config file.  

  • If you DO NOT have an izenda.config file, disregard this step.
  • If you DO have an izenda.config file, update the izenda.config file with the new key as well.

5. Reset IIS



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