Pre-Installation - Client Desktop Setup (Optional)

The following software and add-ins are to be installed on the client/user machines.  These are optional, based on whether your organization will be using these particular features within EPM Live.

SharePoint Designer 2013

If web page customization is needed install SharePoint Designer 2013 accordingly. Depending on the amount of customizations to the web pages, SharePoint Designer 2013 may need to be installed in order to make customizations to the web pages and/or create custom workflows.

Note: SharePoint Designer 2013 is compatible with SharePoint 2016.

Active-X Controls

Most Active X controls have been removed; however, one admin page and one end user feature will require the installation of Active X components.  If your organization will be using the Portfolio Cost Views feature, each admin and end user who will configure or use that feature needs to download the Active X control.

When the user navigates to that Portfolio Cost View page, they will be prompted to download the Active X Control automatically.


Any administrator who will be configuring the use of EPM Live Designer Forms (SP Forms Designer) must have Silverlight installed. 

Microsoft Project & EPM Live Project Publisher

Microsoft Project (2010, 2013, or 2016) / Project Publisher (2010 or 2016)

Trusted Sites

EPM Live recommends that the new Web Application URL be entered in the Trusted Sites for all end users to avoid any issues.



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