Create an EPM Live Site Collection - Setup PPM Backend Site

When directed to the new site collection, there is also a PPM site to be created on the back-end.

Open the Setup PPM Site

Navigate to the EPM Live Setup page by adding “_layouts/ppm/setupppm.aspx” to the end of the URL of your site.

Setup your  Site

Leave the Base Path as it is pre-populated.  Enter in your Product Key for EPM Live and the Company name exactly as it was received by EPM Live.  The database name you enter into the Database Information section will be created in SQL by EPM Live.  Enter your Database Server name.  Typically the Database Name will be your base path followed by _EPM Live.   The User Name and Password will also be created in SQL as a SQL Server Authenticated Account.  This account is used for back end communication with the EPM Live database.  Click Setup Site.

Complete Setup

Reload the Setup Status page until you receive the Complete status.

Note: If the status stays as "Queued" after several minutes of refreshing the page, make sure the WorkEngine Timer service is started.  If the service is started, then try restarting it and the job should run.

Registry Modifications

There are some additional minor changes that need to be made to the registry after the PPM site setup is complete.


Export the Registry Key

On the initial server install (Central Admin Server) export the following registry key.

  1. Type regedit in a command prompt and navigate to the following key location.  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\EPMLive.
  2. Right click on “EPMLive” as show above and click the export option.
  3. Save the file somewhere easy to find and copy the file to all additional web front end servers and application servers.


Import the Registry Key

To import the key onto additional servers double click the registry file you exported and saved from previous steps.  You will be prompted to ask if you are sure you want to do this.  Click the yes button.



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