Create an EPM Live Site Collection - Create New Site Collection

Create the Site

Click the Create Site Collection link under the EPM Live Administration heading of the General Application Settings page in Central Administration.

Select Web Application

  1. Select the EPM Live Web Application.  
  2. Give the new site a title and description.
  3. Select the new URL.  Note: It is highly recommended to create the site collection at a managed path rather than at the root of the web application.  However, there must also be a SharePoint site create at the root of the web application (as it is a requirement for SharePoint and SSRS).  This root site should NOT be an EPM Live site.  It should be created as an out-of-the-box SharePoint site, such as a Team Site.  The "everyone" group must have read access to this site in order for SSRS to work correctly.
  4. Be sure that the PortfolioEngine or WorkEngine Site App solution is selected in the dropdown.  
  5. Use the Service Account for the Primary Site Collection Administrator.

Create Reporting Database

  1. For the Reporting Database section, select the New radio button.  
  2. Enter the SQL Server name and a database name.  EPM Live recommends using the site name and appending “_Reporting” to make it easy to find.  
  3. When finished, click the OK button.

When your new site collection is created, you will be directed to the new site collection.  There are now additional steps to be completed in the site collection. Refer to the next articles to complete the installation process.



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