Versata Ticket Escalation Process

When should I escalate a ticket?

Use the Versata Support Escalation Process when your business critical issue requires a higher level of attention from Versata Customer Support Management.

This process should be utilized when you:

  • encounter a critical roadblock or showstopper to your implementation or upgrade plans
  • urgently need to communicate important technical or business issues to Versata Customer Support Management
  • are dissatisfied with the resolution or response time to your ticket

If a critical problem is encountered, consider the timing of when to escalate an issue. Waiting to escalate may leave little time to research the root cause of the problem and develop the most effective solution. Large, complex problems take time to resolve. Please advise the target dates and deadlines you have for critical issues. Also document the deadlines in the Ticket, along with a statement of its impact on your business or the risk it poses to your implementation plans.

Requesting escalation will ensure attention on your issue but may not change resolution time depending on the complexity of the issue at hand.

How should I escalate a ticket?

Follow these steps to request escalation of your ticket :

1. Proceed to your list of tickets, by clicking My Activities, under your profile avatar, in the Versata Support Portal:

2. Notice that the portal will lock the ticket for escalations during its first 60 minutes, giving Versata Support teams enough time to acknowledge and check your issue. A tooltip will show a countdown for you until it is acceptable to request the escalation:

3. Look for the ticket you want to have escalated and click on the ESCALATE link, as shown below:

4. Provide a brief explanation for the Escalation Request in the dialog box that will appear, so it can properly be analyzed and expedited:

5. By pressing the OK button, you will receive a message that your request has been processed.

6. The page will then be refreshed and the ESCALATE link will no longer be clickable, showing a tooltip advising that the "Ticket is already in an escalated state".

7. Versata Customer Support Management will be advised of your request and will start reviewing your ticket to have it escalated accordingly, based on their assessment of the situation. A public update to the ticket should be expected, communicating actions to expedite resolution, that can be a Ticket Priority change, engagement of other agents, escalation to other teams, among other possibilities. As soon as this public action to the ticket is published, the ESCALATE link returns to the previous clickable state. 

Can I re-escalate a ticket?

Yes, it is possible to repeat the Escalation Process, in case there is business news to be shared with Versata Customer Support Management or you feel the attention given to the ticket is still not enough to have it resolved according to the expectations.

 In summary, the guidelines are: 

  1. Users can escalate after 1 hour since the ticket creation.
  2. The user cannot escalate if the ticket is already in an escalated state.
  3. The Ticket is de-escalated once there is a public reply on the ticket by an Agent, ensuring progress.
  4. The ticket can be re-escalated if at least one hour has passed since the last public comment made by agents (in other words, when ticket state changed to de-escalated).



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